Disaster Preparedness

Address hazards to which people are vulnerable in their homes & community.

Fire Safety & Suppression

Covers fire chemistry, hazardous materials, fire hazards, and fire suppression strategies.

Disaster Medical Operations

Includes simple triage and rapid treatment techniques. It covers treating the three killers: blocked airway, excessive bleeding and shock. Practice establishing a medical treatment area; evaluating survivors by conducting a head to toe
assessment, and performing basic first aid.

Light Search & Rescue Operations
Education on search and rescue planning; size up; search techniques; rescue techniques; and most important, 
rescuer safety.

Disaster Psychology 
Covers signs and symptoms that might be experienced by the disaster responder.

CERT Organization & Team Work

Addresses CERT organization, management principles, the need for documentation, and team building.

The Community Emergency Response Team program (CERT) teaches emergency preparedness and disaster response skills that will enable you to safely help yourself, your family and your neighbors during major emergencies, where first responders may be delayed.

Taught by experienced instructors and CERT volunteer instructors, the free training combines 21 hours of classroom learning with hands-on training.

Workplace CERT and Campus CERT are also available!

Adult/Teen C.E.R.T.

​Disaster Preparedness Training