What is CERT?


The CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) program educates people on how to prepare for and respond to disasters that may impact their area.

The CERT program is based on a nationally standardized FEMA curriculum.  The training is facilitated by local professionals, subject matter experts, and individuals who have demonstrated proficiency and have been specially trained to be CERT trainers.

CERT members receive 19-21 hours of training in disaster preparedness, fire safety and suppression, light search and rescue, disaster medical operations, terrorism, disaster psychology, and team organization.

Using what they've learned in the classroom and during practice exercises, CERT members are able to prepare and protect their families and provide assistance in their neighborhood or workplace following an event when professional responders are not immediately available to help.

CERT is a program of Citizen Corps. The mission of Citizen Corps is to harness the power of every individual through education, training, and volunteer service to make communities safer, stronger, and better prepared to respond to the threats of terrorism, crime, public health issues, and disasters of all kinds.

Who is BRACE?

BRACE (Be Ready Alliance Coordinating for Emergencies) is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization which serves as the Citizen Corps & CERT Coordinator for Escambia County, City of Pensacola and Town of Century.

The Community Emergency Response Team program supports the ways that BRACE endeavors to make Escambia County the most disaster-resilient community in America.

For more information on upcoming emergency preparedness training events, or to schedule a free training event at your organization, business, church or school, please contact us.